Odetah Camping Resort – native animal family montage tree carving

Odetah Camping Resort is a wonderful family campground located in Bozrah CT. This is their second commission. They had to cut down a prominent tree near their entrance and decided to save a 25 ft. white pine stump. This was taller than my scaffolding could go so we used a man lift to carve the top half. This was my first time carving in a lift. I soon got used to it and was able to position myself freely and comfortably.

They wanted the tree filled with native animals such as owl, eagle, raccoon, ducks, squirrel, moose, deer and turtles… and since it is a family campground I thought it would be fitting to make animal families.

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The local news channel did a nice story on the carving. Click the link to check it out…


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