Carved Blue Heron Bench

Carved benches are a powerfully expressive and functional art form. Because benches are made of several visual elements, it is a true joy to design them because you are really designing a SCENE rather than one creature. This gives them a lot of potential for dynamic movement and expression between all the visual elements. This bench, the carvings are white pine and the slabs are poplar, finished with an oil deck and fence wood preservative with sun, water and mildew protection.

flower rec 2007

This design has a heron on the left stretching it’s wings out facing another heron on the other side of the bench.

The heron on the right is looking down into the water at the fish and fluffing it’s wings. Both are standing next to rock walls and marsh reeds with fish relief carved into the water.

 The name of the farm is carved into the back with 3 turtles sunning on a log. 

Now that all the parts are finished, let’s put them all together!


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