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Wildlife Sculpture

Custom Sculpture & Sign Co. unintentionally started in 2004 when I bought a chainsaw with a carving set up and began experimenting with large scale wood carvings. Initially, I wanted to do it for my own personal creative outlet with no intention of ever selling anything. Eventually, people began asking me “Hey, can you make this or that?” and through the years it has grown to become a full time family business.

I started in wood but now we have expanded into other sculptural materials including concrete, epoxy resin, metal, clay, bronze and foam.

We have also expanded into the 3D sign making industry. We have found great joy in crafting carved and sculptural signs that express beauty and “wow factor”.  It’s been quite an exciting and unfolding journey and now we find ourselves at a place where we are shipping pieces all over the U.S.! Who would have imagined? We are thankful that there are folks who appreciate craftsmanship and creative design as much as we do.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about our story. Click the contact button if you would like to get in touch! Visitors are always welcome to the shop.

Kris Connors
Custom Sculpture & Sign Co.
Nickelsville, Virginia