Gallery of Useful Tools and Products I Use Daily

I have put together this gallery of useful links to the products and tools I use regularly on most of my projects. BOOKMARK this page for future use. Please feel free to contact me with questions about any of these tools or products.  I am in the process of creating reviews for most of these items.  Simply click on the picture and it will take you to that page in Amazon. (This page is constantly being added to as I discover new products)

Carving Tools

 dremel  taper  flme   sphere  bit1

mini grinder  belt angle2  disc  disc2 turbo plane  die grinder  quarter dome   quarter ball quarter long  14 bar  12 bar  16 quarter

Sanding Products

       soft sander  gator sander  gator sand  sand pad  sander  sander2  discs3  sander3  air filter  dust mask  mask  orbit  orbit2  hose  sand

Finishing Products

    oxalic acid  zar  arborcoat  twp  oil   probond  shellac  gold  iron paint  bronze  airbrush  hose2  airbrush cleaner

Spray Gun System (Perfect for custom projects)

gun  cups  main cup  2.0 heads  pour cup


super glue  gorlla glue   titebond3   loctite8   loctite3

Sculpting Materials (molds and casting, clay, fiberglass, foam)

40   brush on 40  mold max 60  oomoo 300   uni mold release   clay  pottery tool set  clay tools  rasps free form epoxy  free form air   epoxy sculpt  epoxy resin A   epoxy resinb  epoxy pumps  mixing cups  fiberglass cloth  glass roller  wire mesh small  nails  knives hotwire kit  foam block  head  mold dots  1 inch brush  2 inch    gloves  cups2

Sculpture Books

bear book  eagle book book  faces  whittling  power carve  little guys  whittle2  book2  carve  decoy relief  eagle2  saws  eyes  faces2  portrait  bible