Carved Police Badge

I have the honor of creating a retirement gift for a Connecticut Correctional Officer. This project is going to be a relief carving of a Corrections Officer badge about 2 ft. tall and 14″ wide made out of Ash. The text will be created with a laser engraver and the rest will be carved.

Truing and gluing the ash slabs together.

Now that the glue is dry, I can begin sanding and prepping the surface.

Creating a sketch to scale based on an authentic badge.

Transferring the sketch to the slab. Here I created a template to get symmetrical decorative lines.

Using a router free hand to create dimension to the circles and layers in the badge.

Sanding and cleaning up the edges.

Using the band saw to create the outer edge detail.

Here it is ready for the laser engraving.

Here is the text that will be laser engraved into the ash.

 Thanks for looking! I’ll post more after the text and carving are completed. To see my full gallery visit

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