Dog Carving Series

Orange Hills Golf Course in Orange, CT has commissioned a series of lifesize, sitting dog portraits. They took down 3 large ash trees and left 10 ft. stumps. We cut the stumps at 6 ft. and used the cut off wood to make the carvings. Each carving will be installed on top of it’s original 6 ft. stump. This project has taken many hours to complete and we will be installing and completing the project in a week! Until then, I wanted to post some pictures of the creative process.

AJ is a pitbull, lab, rodesian ridgeback mix. I started with a photo shoot of AJ and Moose. Augie passed away so I used photos from his owner and worked up some sketches.

Here are some pics of the finished piece.

I don’t have any pics of the creative process, but I do have an instructional video I created from this carving. Here is a sample…

Next , I worked on Augie, the yellow lab/hound. Augie was more challenging to create because my picture references were limited. I used the dog owner’s pictures and some from google too.

Sorry, I don’t have any creative process pics of Augie.

Next, I started Moose…

Moose is an aquita chow, corgy mix. I rotated Moose’s head and raised his tail to give him an inquisitive look. Here are some shots of the process…

Ran into some bad wood right on the eye! Had to perform surgery.

Starting to define the mouth, nose and eyes.

Thanks for looking! Next post will show the finished pics of Moose and the installation process of all three carvings.

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