Red Tailed Hawk

This was a 6 ft. Willow stump carving at a residence near Manchester, CT. The customer sees hawks on a regular basis and thought it would be appropriate to turn their stump into a larger than life red tailed hawk. We had a few large storms last fall that left many stumps all around CT from trees that fell down or had to come down.

We started off with a sketch of what the carving would look like.

Here’s the original stump.

Blocking out the form.

Prepping the feather details

Creating the rocks.

Drawing on the face details.

Applying the wood preservative with sun, water and mildew protection. (Deck and Fence oil based stain, Cabot’s australian timber oil)

I video taped the step by step process of this carving and will have it for sale as a 40 minute chainsaw carving instructional DVD on the “video” page of my official website at Here is a preview of that DVD…

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