Palm Tree Carving

This started out as an 8 ft. tall oak stump in the backyard of a house in Griswold, CT.

I started off with the ball shape on top to house the palm leaves and then started the trunk. I tried to get a nice, natural sweeping curve to the trunk.

Now that the trunk form is done, I can add texture! Texture is what makes 3D exciting!

Next, it’s time to start the palm leaves. I cut the leaves out of pine logs to make them lighter.

After the leaves are formed and textured, I burn them to bring out the texture even more. You can see I attached the leaves using a 1″ dowel.

My son, Miciah, assisted me by staining the leaves while I carved.

I designed it to house 3 rows of 5 leaves. Here is the top row installed.

Here’s the 2nd row of 5 installed…

and finally, the third row installed. Each leaf took a half hour to fourty five minutes to create. Do the math for 15 leaves…

Next, it’s time to stain the trunk…

Yes! It’s finished!!

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