Giant Children’s Playset Tree Carving

This project started out as a giant Beech stump, 6 ft. thick and 9 ft. tall. This tree is the second or third largest Beech tree in CT! Instead of removing it completely, the owners chose to preserve the stump and have it carved into something functional and unique. There were 3 large branches that were carved into 3 seats at different heights and 4 smaller branches whose ends were carved into functional architectural scroll hooks to hang solar lanterns. Here are some pics of the process… I kept telling myself “A journey of a thousand cuts starts with the first one… keep cutting, keep cutting…”


Here is what it looked like before I started…




Here it is finished with a clear wood preservative freshly applied…

edited338 edited339 edited340

The High Chair


The low chair with a natural window…


The middle chair with a canopy and a pierced design to look like trees…

edited344 edited345    edited349

Here are the entrance steps…


Mountains of sawdust after 50 hours of carving!!

The pictures don’t really tell the whole story so I’ve included some video clips of the carving… Here’s the links…

Demonstration –

Interiour Tour –

Exterior Tour –

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