9 ft. Bear

First, I would like to introduce you to Mack Goller. Mack is a Senior in High School and is required to do a senior project. He approached me about doing a two week apprenticeship… and here we are. Mack has been a great help and is a very capable sculptor. I am enjoying our experience together.


This is a 10 ft. tall and 3 ft. wide pine log. The customer wanted a bear that was contemplative and welcoming, so I chose a kneeling posture for the contemplative and a waving and outstretched paw with a friendly smile and eyes for welcoming gestures… All we have left to do is add the color and install it on location near his driveway in the woods. I am having a boom truck pick it up and help me install it.

open mouth sketch

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My least favorite part of carving… It’s so nice to have some help! This carving filled up about 8 wheel barrows of sawdust – that doesn’t include all the wood chunks…


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This father and son team from GRB Tree Cutters out of Meriden, CT did a great job moving the bear…

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Thanks for looking. If you have something you would like sculpted, visit www.customwoodcarvings.com and click the contact page to get in touch. If you enjoy these posts, click the follow button on the right side and you will be sent an email when I’ve posted something new.

God bless you…