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This was my first time carving on location INDOORS. This meant I could not use gas powered chainsaws, but rather an electric chainsaw. I had never used my electric saw that much until now. It doesn’t have any vibration reduction so my hands and arms got a real work out. The customer had 2 6 ft. oak blocks around 20 inches thick at the base of the staircase…


When I arrived, a temporary structure was built around the blocks to keep the rest of the house clean while I made a mess inside. It was vented to the nearest window… This is what the structure looked like…

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The first day I started with a photo shoot of the husband and wife and their three dogs… taking multiple shots from various viewpoints and working up some photoshop designs…

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husband wifesketch

kevin block dorothy deer

The Design – The customer’s design idea was to incorporate their love of hunting, their pets and their portraits.  The customer wanted to use the buck and doe relationship expressed through some deer attributes being added to their portraits. Both husband and wife have deer ears and snouts as if they’re wearing a costume… The husband has 2 dogs below him and the wife has one dog, her gun and small game (rabbit and pheasant) at her side… Here are some shots of the process…

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It took 14 days or around 126 hours of intense carving to complete the two blocks. We made a great team discussing design decisions and how to progress each day…


Here are some shots of the carving of the wife…

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Here are some shots of the husband…


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It is only by the grace of God that we can do the things we do. I am continually relying on the Maker of the Universe to help and guide me in recreating the things that He has already made and continually learning each step of the way…  “I lift up my eyes to whence comes my help. My help comes from the Lord” Psalm 121