Ceramic Sculpture Replica – Girl in Boat

It’s nice to take a break from the wood carving to work in different media. This sculpture was commissioned by a customer who saw this original sculpture in Monaco France and was so touched by it, he had me make him one that he could enjoy in his home.

I started by making the boat out of rigid foam and the girl out of ceramic clay. (Yikes! I look tired and mean in this picture, sorry!)


Next, the foam coat went over the foam to give a hard shell of protection. Then I went over the foam coat with several layers of West System epoxy until it was fairly smooth and uniform… In the meantime, I finished the ceramic girl and let her dry for two weeks and she fired without a problem. You have to construct her with a hollow center, otherwise the clay will be too thick and will blow up in the kiln.


Next, I glued the girl to the boat with epoxy clay and began the bronzing finish. I start with a black/brown acrylic paint and then apply a metalic wax called rub n buff and layer them back and forth until it looks like a cast bronze finish.



Finally, I created a dove out of epoxy clay and painted it white. Here are the finished pics…

_editMG_7583 _editMG_7591  _MeditedG_7566  e_MG_7570 e_MG_7577 e_MG_7579 e3455   edited_MG_7584 edited_MG_7588 edited_MG_7589 edited_MG_7590

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