3D Carved Word

This customer wanted the word “something” because she works with school kids and wants to reinforce the principle, if you see something say something.

Starting with a block of oak that was planed smooth, letters were drawn onto the surface.


Then used the band saw to begin removing wood…e_MG_8309 e_MG_8310

Next, used the drill press to create holes in the inner spaces…


Next, used the scroll saw to cut out the shapes…


Then, used the arbortec to carve out the letters…

e_MG_8364 e_MG_8367


Now, it’s ready for sanding…

e_MG_8372 e_MG_8373

Finally, painted the sides black and sprayed it with a satin polyurethane.

e_MG_8398 e_MG_8400 e_MG_8403 e_MG_8405

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As I am working, I have been thinking about God’s value system in contrast to man’s. What is of most value to God is not the final product of whatever our hands find to do, but whether or not we are allowing His Spirit to train our character through the process of our work. Am I fighting His character being formed in me or yielding and embracing with joy and thankfulness?