Saybrook Point Public Sculpture – Train Engineer and Ticket Man

“Three Stories”, the new addition to Saybrook Point Inn in Old Saybrook, CT, commissioned a large sculpture with a train theme. If I understand the history correctly, the engineer of the old Essex Train that ran from Hartford to Saybrook Point way back in the day, used to live in the “three stories” house. There was a huge maple stump on the property – 7′  tall and 4′ wide.  Saybrook Point Inn wanted a carving that incorporated the train theme. After a few times to the drawing board, this is what we settled on.


The design is split into two halves. On one half is a train conductor standing in the doorway looking off into the distance holding a lantern. This side also shows details of a window and a train wheel. The flipside is a ticket man sitting on a platform with his dog. This side shows details of the wagon wheel and train imagery in the background.

I started this mid December and it took around 4 weeks to complete.

 edited-7820 edited-7863

 It was crazy cold a couple of those weeks, so the masonry contractors inspired me to build a plastic house and get a heater. I am glad I did!


edited-7868 edited-8044  edited-8047

The daylight was so short, I would spend many days working into the dark. Here is a shot that one of the workers, Nick, took capturing the moment…


Here are some finished shots of the train conductor side…

edited-8204edited-8223 edited-8202edited-8201edited-8214 edited-8203edited-8215edited-8216


And here are the finished shots of the ticket man and his dog…

  edited-8205  edited-8209 edited-8210   edited-8207  edited-8217 edited-8218 edited-8219 edited-8220

Shhhh… This is a sneak peak. They haven’t unveiled it yet for the public to see. I think they are waiting for the landscaping to grow first. Thank you for taking the time to give it a gander. I hope you enjoy it. The grain in the maple looks like candy doesn’t it?!! mmmmmm…

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