Adirondack multi-image stump carving

Located in Indian Lake, NY, this started as a 14 ft. tall pine stump. What a breathtaking view of the Adirondack Mountains!  It was a joy to work in a place so saturated with God’s creation untouched by modern corporations and chain stores. All you could see were forests, lakes and mountains. It was awesome and refreshing.

We decided to go with a multi-image carving full of native wildlife. Like this…

Roberta Indian Lake sketch

I started by adding on extra wood chunks for the top hawk’s wings, tail and head.

edited-9848   edited-9844

A soaring hawk

  edited-9984   edited-9986   edited-9987

A fish


A rabbit and a bunny


An adult and child racoon…

edited-9982  edited-9996

A bear cub…

edited-9983    edited-9997

2 squirrels…

  edited-9989  edited-9993 edited-9990  edited-9992

An adult and baby ducks…

edited-9991   edited-9994



Full size pics…

 edited-9998 edited-9999 edited-9985  edited-0001

It became a working vacation for the whole family! We had a wonderful time…

edited-9757 edited-9761 edited-9795  edited-9863 edited-9875 edited-9947

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