Family of Eagles – Wood Carving

This began as a large Maple stump in the residence of a lovely and charming home in Fairfield, CT. The original stump was about 18 ft. tall. This carving ended up being around 14 ft. tall. The one branch was rotted in the center so it could not be used. The center of the top of the stump was also rotted out, so I put plywood, roofing cement and expandable foam to seal off the center from animals and moisture. It worked great… This design is made up of a 6 ft. soaring eagle, a sitting eagle, 2 baby eaglets and 2 medium-sized eaglets, around a nest set on rocks…


edited-1040637  edited-1040638  edited-1040656

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“Those who wait upon the Lord shall mount up on wings like eagles” Yes Lord, let us seek You moment by moment and find ourselves soaring with the Life of Your Spirit and Truth stirring in the deep places of our hearts.