3D Carved Donor Sign for Ron Clark Academy

Here are a few design ideas we discussed to acknowledge all the generous supporters of the recent building project for the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta GA…

 test009  donor board tapestry

unnamed (3) unnamed (4) unnamed (5) unnamed (6)  donor scroll

donor board blue

Ron went with the framed design… and here are some developments of this design…

donor board green donor board purple donor board red

We finally ended up with this design…

donor board

Next, we ordered the 18 lb High density foam to fit a 5ft by 8ft sign and the production began…

We started by embedding a french cleat on the back of the foam for easy hanging… then we primed and painted the foam black then applied a mask film over the top and used the CNC to carve the letters into the foam… Next we primed all the letters


Then we painted the letters…

  edited-6333  edited-6335 edited-6336

Meanwhile, the wood frame was carved and painted and glued to the foam…  edited-6321 edited-6337 edited-6338 edited-6339  edited-6340

Epoxy clay was used to create some metal, medieval looking hardware for the frame…

 edited-6329  edited-6334

After the letters were dry, we pulled off the mask and did a little more painting and touch up work…

 edited-6342 edited-6345 edited-6346

This shot does a nice job of capturing the wood and iron details…edited-6347 edited-6351

and brought it to completion!

edited-6353 edited-6354 edited-6356

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“In everything you do, do it as unto the Lord.”  Col 3:17