Clemson Tiger Paw Relief

This relief is 4 ft. wide, 1″ thick and made of mahogany/sapele. The customer is applying the finish. The customer supplied the logo…

9TzLAxXTE edited-7241 edited-7242 edited-7280 edited-7281 edited-7282

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This morning I was reading Jesus’s sermon on the mount and was struck by His call to enter the narrow gate and the narrow path that leads to life in stead of the wide gate and path that leads to destruction. We have gates and paths all around us today. If we have ears to hear what God’s Spirit is saying, we’ll hear Him moment by moment today encouraging us “This is My way!”, “That’s not my gate, That’s not my path, don’t choose that”, “This gate is mine”, “choose wisely”, “enter through the narrow gate”, “choose My way that leads to the abundant life in Me”