6 ft. Soaring Eagle with Soccer Ball

This carving went to a customer on Long Island. This is a 6 ft. tall eagle in white pine. This was the design idea, to have an eagle swooping down clutching a soccer ball. The carving was carved out of a log that was tilted on it’s side in order to fit the design in the log.

soccer eagle sketch  edited-9850  edited-9851  edited-9853edited-9854

A torch was used to create contrast and tones and then it is finished with arbortec oil wood preservative.

edited-0047 edited-0059 edited-0061 edited-0062 edited-0070 edited-0071 edited-0072 edited-0073 edited-0076 edited-0077 edited-0079 edited-0080 edited-0081 edited-0082

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