Carved Magnolia Sign

A recent sign project…

Custom Sculpture & Sign Co.

This sign was designed by a sign company down south called Franklin Sign Company in Tennessee, They contacted me to see if I could create the magnolias for this double sided sign. They sent me the design layout and the sizes and the magnolia image they wanted transformed into 3D. I was able to take it from there.



The first step was to have the CNC cut out the two profiles in 1.5″ thick sign foam. Then, with a pencil, draw the detail lines of all the leaves and petals.


Next, using a dremel with a tear drop burr bit and a long thin burr bit, begin carving in on all the lines.


Once, the carving was complete, they were ready for priming and painting…

I will update this post with the final picture of the completed sign as soon as they send it to me.

If you are a…

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