Mason’s Island Bear Carvings

This customer had two large oak stumps on either side of their driveway. The one on the left was around 11 ft. tall and the one on the right was about 8 ft. tall. We went with a playful design with a tall mamma bear in the left with a cub climbing on top of her head and a cub in between her legs digging into a bee hive for some honey. Meanwhile, the mamma bear is looking over across the driveway at the other stump. This stump is a carving of a tree with 5 cubs climbing all over it. The idea was to try to capture a lot of playful movement by having each cub doing something different and facing in all different directions.

Bears sketch Roy Rufus

This stump was turned into this

This stump was turned into this. Here are some more pics…

“Mamma” and the two cubs

The 5 Cubs…

These show the two opposite views from one carving looking over at the other. (The 5 cubs carving now has painted rocks).

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