Horse Hair Raku Firing

Very excited about our first horse hair raku firing!


Ben and I bought some raku clay from Blick and created 3 pieces with an emphasis on forms with a strong angle to show off the surface design. To achieve success, we were advised to use the metal rib tool to create super smooth surfaces. We fired them to around 1500 so that they would harden and remain porous to receive the terra sigillata slip coats. The “terra sig” creates a white surface on the pots for the horse hair and sugar to carbonize onto, creating a beautiful high contrast effect.

Next, we fired the pots to cone 04 bisque to get them ready for the raku kiln. We started with two pieces and fired up the propane raku kiln to 1200.

Next, we got our horse hair and sugar ready to apply and shut off the flames. My son, Miciah, lifted the top of the kiln with a hand crank…

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