Turning plastic into rusted iron!!

This customer sent these pictures of shields. He wanted 4 shields similar to this but with marine images.

This is the design we came up with…

unnamed (2)

To begin, these were designed and and cut out on the CNC router out of 3/4″ pvc board.


Next, we began the painting process using Modern Masters iron/ rust paint to make them look like old metal.


The shields received 2 coats of Modern Masters iron paint primer… Then 3 coats of iron paint. Then, the fun part, applying the activating spray to start the rust process. This is a shot of the first coat of spray…


After 2 coats…


After about 5 irregular coats and 24 hours of oxidizing we got the results we liked…


The last step is to apply the sealer which stops the oxidation. We applied a 50% water, 50% sealer mix and sprayed it on. It dried with a nice flat finish and looks like real rusted metal. These are going to be inside, but if they were outside, they recommend putting another coat of undiluted sealer. The downside to this is you get a sheen over the rust which takes away the realism.

Lastly, a french cleat and bump outs were attached to the backs of the shields for easy hanging. Here are the finished pics.


Here are a series of videos showing the process…

If you’re interested in trying out this paint, click this link and it will bring you to it’s home on Amazon…


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