Wood Carving Restoration – Time lapse!

This is a carving I made 3 years ago. It looks dry and weathered. It’s been taking a beating from the salt water wind and harsh sun/winters.

When restoring, I fill the large cracks with wood shims, small cracks with wood putty, sand the surface to reveal the highlights and create contrast, waterproof with roofing cement where necessary, and finish it with a fresh coat of oil wood preservative with sun, water, mildew and bug protection.

Look how dry this wood looks. It has dark areas as well, cracks and fibrous areas that are letting water in…IMG_20170914_132039891

This is the backside of the carving before restoration process.


Here it is after restoration. Wow! what a difference huh?! All the color and grain is popping again!


Watch this video to see the time lapse footage of the process!


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