Power Cap Power Respirator

Are you a chainsaw carver or a wood turner? Are you tired of dust in your lungs and eyes? Are you tired of breathing gas fumes from your saw? Are you looking for a solution that deals with all 3 problems? Then I think you’ll be as happy as I was to discover the power respirator called the “Power Cap”.

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The Power Cap is a lightweight hard hat with a face shield that seals around your face and under your chin with a soft, comfortable foam gasket.  A lithium battery rests on the back of the cap that lasts 8 hours. The battery powers a fan that sucks air through N95 particulate filters and blows clean fresh air inside the shield keeping the shield fog free! They sell a 10 pack of clear plastic shield protectors to prevent permanent scratches on the shield.

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The filters are great dust filters, but do not filter out chainsaw gas fumes. But there is an easy modification to turn them into gas/fume filters. On Amazon, you can buy a 4 pack of activated charcoal filters meant for kitchen compost cans. You simply trace the filter and cut it out. The filter caps come off and you can insert the activated charcoal layer under the pre-filter and replace the cap. Finally, seal the sides of the filter container with black electrical tape and there you go!

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These 1/2″ thick activated charcoal filters are made by “Up Good” on Amazon.com. Here is a link to purchase them.


The Power Cap comes with a battery and a battery charger. A second battery can be purchased so they can be cycled. If you ask, sometimes they run a deal on a free second battery. The Power Cap is made in the UK and has one distributor in the states. The Power Cap costs around $500 (Well worth every penny in my experience.) The 10 pack replacement visors are around $20.

To place and order or to get more information, click this link below. Please let them know I referred you.