Custom Muscovy Duck Logo Sign

Our client in Tampa, Florida contacted us about creating a 3 dimensional sign of her logo. I really like the logo – it’s very well designed, plus the ducks are cute. We decided to carve it from 1′ and 1.5′ HDU sign foam.

duck logo

This is the sign after we routed the basic shape, letter pockets and the duck shapes.
We carved the rest of the detail on the ducks with a combination of files and Dremels.


Next, we moved on to painting! Using the logo as a reference, we drew directly on the ducks where every color should go. Every duck wart, shadow, and feather line had an outline (I’ve since learned that those warts on the faces of Muscovy ducks are called caruncles ;). From there, filling in the rest of the painting was like a grown-up paint by number.


Thanks for looking! If you can see your logo turned into a custom 3-dimensional sign, head over to the contact page!