Pair of Bears

This was a stump carving out of red oak up in the northwest corner of Connecticut near New Milford. The stump had a crotch so I made one side a 5 ft. adult black bear and the other side a curious, sitting cub on a stump. I made it so that the adult bear is looking at the road approaching them and the cub is looking at the entry way to the house. I tried to add some life and movement to the bears by positioning their arms and legs in different positions. Here is the sketch I based the carving on…

Here’s the stump.

Figuring out the next cut. Can’t make a move until you “see” it.

Carved in the cub head…

Adding some fur texture.

Standing back for a better look. This scaffolding worked great on this slope!

Putting on the final details – Defining the feet and smoothing out the base.

Here I am piching the base so the water runs off easy.

I love this part. Lighting the torch and burning the wood.

Spraying the insect deterrant targeted against wood boring insects.

With the insecticide dried, Then I brushed on the deck and fence wood preservative with sun, water and mildew protection.

Finally, with the wood preservative dried, I can start spray painting the fur colors.

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God is good.