Dog chasing a cat chasing a bird!

This was an interesting project. I had the honor of preserving a large 6 ft. maple stump in a beautiful backyard located in Mystic, CT. The setting of this yard is full of flowers and trees separated by blue stone patios, steps and stone walls. A breathtaking sanctuary. My customer is an animal lover and wanted her stump to reflect this and she came up with this fun idea of a dog chasing a cat chasing a bird.

The stump was set behind her shed next to a fence so it was tight quarters. I cut off as much wood as I could and then cut it at the base and took it home to carve the rest.

I started with the plump blue bird and branches first.

Next, started the cat’s head and body.

Finally, finished with the lab puppy and base. I tried something new on the base, I had to remove the bark, but I wanted to preserve all the organic ins and outs of the root system. Instead of chainsawing the bark, I hit it with my sanding disk and it worked perfect! The bark came off and left the organic curves!

The cat’s tail is one of my favorite parts of this piece.

Here’s an extreme angle of the whole piece that tells the story well I think.

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