Three Dimensional Signs – From 2D logo to 3D Sculpture – Part 2

last time we left off on part 1, we had created the gilded letters, now, this post will show the process of creating the background for the sign.

first, the HDU board was cut to size roughly 2 x 6′. Next the letters were placed on the sign to get the proper layout. Once it looked good the letters were traced onto the background.

Then a 2/8ths” outline was drawn around each letter and a 1″ border around the edge of the sign.

With the lines all drawn, an irregular surface form could be created around the letters using a sanding disk on an angle grinder and a finish sanding drum bit for a drill.

Rounded the corners next…

Next the paint was mixed with stair tread skid texture to give a gritty sand texture.

The letter outlines and the border were painted with a rich, chocolate brown.

The vinly letters were applied to an untextured area and then filled in with the texture around it.

Next, the sides of the letters were painted to match the outlines…

The curly forms were painted and then spray painted to get a nice blend from white to blue to brown.

The last step is to mount the letters. I’ll save that for the final post that reveals the finished sign! Until then…

If you would like a three dimensional sign created, simply visit my official web site at and click the “contact” page to get in touch.

God bless,