Sculptural Lamp Base Replica

On this project, I had the honor of replicating an original plaster sculpture carved by the customer’s mother. I chose to use clay because of the flexibilty of the additive and subtractive process. I had to make mine bigger than the original because clay shrinks around 10% as it dries. I have to wait about a week or two for the clay to become very dry before I fire it in the kiln. Once fired, I will use acrylic paints to match the color and then spray it with a protective clear coat. Finally, I will install the lamp hardware. Here are some pics of the process….By the way…. I LOVE working with clay!!!!!!! Love, love, love it!

Here are pics of the finished construction. I’ll touch up some parts when it’s dry…

Thanks for looking. I’ll post some more pics of the piece fired and painted as I progress…

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