From 2D logo to 3D Sign – Final Post (Part 3)

Here is the final post for the Shoreline Framing sign. I have posted the entire creative process in 3 posts. This has been a fun sign to work on. Let it be noted that none of the elements of this sign were created by a computer. Everything was hand crafted to give that special touch. I hope you enjoy looking at dimensional signs as much as I love to make them!! Enjoy!

Cutting off the heads of 1″ Brass Brads

3 Containers – glue, cut brads, and normal brads

Predrilling holes for the brads using tape as a depth control.

Dipping brad in glue and inserting into back of letters…

Apply some caulk adhesive, line it up and press into place!

Yeah!!! It is finished!!! Here you can see the treatment to the sand texture and form as the waves lead your eyes to the beautiful gilded letters. Special thanks to Phil Stephen and Carmen Casanas for their help on this project.

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Glory to Jesus for giving us the capacities to do the things we do.