Dancing Bears

This project started with 2 stumps about 20 ft. tall. first I had to cut them down to 14 ft. without the tops falling on me or my staging. (Not as easy as it looks!) Next I could start with the bears. The customer wanted these stumps turned into abstracted, dancing bears kind of floating around on the edge of his beautiful property in Tolland, CT. We stretched their forms out to 6 ft. tall, skinny bears in dancing positions each waving red streamers made of bendable copper tubing.

I finished them from the top down so I woudn’t have to keep messing around with the staging.

Lots of climbing up and down on this piece!!

Thanks for looking! This customer has ordered 2 more dancing bears in the Spring as well as a 10 ft. tall bear welcoming visitors at the entrance of the property. The name of the property is “Bear Run”.

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