Chainsaw carved trees

Last year a customer requested mini trees for his store in Texas. I posted some pics online and sure enough a few orders started coming in. I ended up making around 100 trees.  This year, The pics got spread around the internet and we got twice as many orders, over 200 trees! It was a nice surprise… It was constant intense tree making for a over a week here. “Dad, what are you doing today? Trees, trees, trees!”

I start by harvesting 3 – 5″ branches from the local bulky waste site or from people who are dropping trees. Green or freshly cut branches work best.


Then I put them in a pipe vise to carve them…

 e_MG_7646  e_MG_7661 e_MG_7663

Then they are layed on their side overnight with a fan blowing on them to dry them out. Then I lightly torch them to give them some tone and contrast.


Then Jody does an amazing job packaging and labeling them…


That’s it for now… I hope everyone has a joyous time with loved ones as this year comes to a close… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!