Ice Carvings – Saybrook Point Inn 2014 Fire and Ice Celebration

This was the first annual fire and ice celebration at Saybrook Point Inn. I spent three full days carving 300 lb. ice blocks and storing them in the walk in freezer at the “Fresh Salt” restaurant for the event on Saturday. I have carved ice at different carving events in the past for fun, but this was my first opportunity to carve for a paid event. I am thankful to say that it went very well and I am looking forward to doing more if the opportunity arises … Here are some pics of the process.

e2014-01-15 16.05e2014-01-16 16.38

I use all the same tools for carving wood, I just get more wet!

e2014-01-15 17.06

One day I worked into the evening with lights… One of the employees took some neat pics…

  e_MG_7952  e_MG_7969

Here’s a picture of a sailboat during the day and then at night with the lights…


 Here’s a shot of the sushi bar with the sailboat on the left, the fish bar in the center and the double fish carving on the right…

_eMG_7949  e_MG_7973

_eMG_7950  e_MG_7948_eMG_7971

This is a block with carvings of fish going around the edges where the sushi chefs laid their fish to chill.


Here is the raw bar…


This is the restaurant logo


This was the most challenging piece…  It was a functional glass where the drink went around in a spirol and then down the center of the stem and out a spicket into a glass. The challenge was that I had to create it out of 3 pieces balancing on each other…

_eMG_7961 _eMG_7962

During the event I carved 2 pieces live – an eagle and a pair of penguins…

_eMG_7965 _eMG_7967

I’ll add more pics to this post as they come from others…

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The proverb I have been meditating on this week says “A cheerful (or thankful) heart has a continual feast“. How true this is… A thankful heart is always seeing the continual blessings in life instead of complaining about and dwelling on the lack. Praise God for His unchanging wisdom.