2014 New England Stihl Fishing and Hunting Convention – Preparation

The last 2 weeks have been spent carving “show” pieces for my first big exhibition at the Hartford Convention Center this coming weekend. Stihl is sponsoring the New England Fishing and Hunting show this year and one of their reps asked me if I’d be interested in carving at this show a few months back and now it’s here!


We started setting up the carving area today and will finish up Friday morning. The show starts at noon Friday and continues through Sat. and Sunday. My apprentice, Ben, will be carving with me. We set it up so that half of the area is carving space inside netting and the other half is made up of various carvings, hand crafts from the kids and limited edition lithographs related to hunting imagery.

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I’ll post some pics after the show is over….

Stay tuned!