Carved Scripture Sign

As a dedicated follower of Jesus, it was a real privelage to be able to create a sign that exalts the Holy Word of God, and to highlight one of the greatest conditional promises God has graciously offered to all of humanity.

This customer sent me the font and the scripture and a description of what he wanted and this is what we came up with…

scripture sign sketch 2

First, I glued up some maple boards and brought it to the laser engraver…


Next, It was sanded down nice and smooth in preparation for the cherry stain.


edited-9375  edited-9378

Then, I sawed out the profile of the crown into maple and used the dremel to carve out the complicated details of the crown.

edited-9310 edited-9373 edited-9374

Then, glued the crown in place and finished the sign with several coats of shellac.

 edited-9376  edited-9384

I wish I had the time to make one of these for my own home!

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Praise the name of Jesus Christ. His name is “the only name given to men by which we must be saved” from God’s judgement of our sinful nature. Only the name of Jesus can save. The word of God says no other name has been given. Only Jesus. That’s good news because there are many names and Gods and religions out there, but God has made it very clear whose name and the only name all of humanity must call apon. JESUS!