Cast Resin Figure Sculpture

The advantage of cast pieces is you can get multiple copies at an affordable price. This commission started with a few photos of 5 guys. Next, a clay model was made based on the photos. Next, a silicone mold was painted in layers over the clay model. Next, a hard mother mold was made over the top of the silicone.

Here, the mother mold is being taken apart and the silicone mold is being removed from the clay by cutting slits up the side.

edited-9338 edited-9342 edited-9345

Now that the molds are removed, the clay model is destroyed and put away for future use. The silicone is cleaned up and baby powder is sprinkled on, spread around and blown away as a release agent.

edited-9347 edited-9352

Carefully, the molds are put back together and ready for pouring the liquid resin (plastic).

edited-9355 edited-9356

The resin is a 1 to 1 mix and starts out as a clear liquid. It is poured into the upside down mold and in a few minutes turns white and in a half hour is cured and ready to demold.


The mother mold is removed and the silicone mold carefully removed so it can be used again on a future casting.

edited-9363 edited-9364

The casting is cleaned up, primed and ready for painting.

edited-9368 edited-9370

This is what it looks like with the first coat of paint…