Custom metal found object sculpture

I have been wanting to experiment with metal sculpture since I was in college 24 years ago, but the art department didn’t have a strong sculpture background. So the desire has remained dormant until now! A repeat customer and friend has commissioned my first metal sculpture of a lifesize fox made of garden tools based on this image…

fox sketch, face, tail

My main tools to accomplish this are…

This heavy duty bench vise. I use this to bend and fashion the wires and the parts.


A mig welder to join all the pieces…


A siphen fed sand blaster to clean the metal where the welds go.


Angle grinders, one with a cut-off wheel and the other with a grinding wheel. Most of the metal parts are cut using the cut off wheel. I use the grinder to clean up the welds and the cuts.


I have been saving up metal parts since the fall. I went shopping at local antique stores for old tools as well as some modern retail stores for some new tools.

edited-9443  edited-9452

I started with a 1/4″ rod to get the proportions set in a simple skeleton.


Next, added a shovel and trowels on the head as well as tomato cages for body fill.


Added piano petals for feet, hole maker for a snout, and mini rakes for a tail.


Added saw blades and sickles for legs, a cultivator to define the curve of the back, shovels for shoulder blades, a shovel and hoe for the rear end, some trowels and saw blades for the body and two eyes made of strange nuts I found in my shop.


Here are the finished pics after I burned and sandblasted everything to give it a uniform aged and distressed look.

edited-9465 edited-9467 edited-9468 edited-9469 edited-9470 edited-9471 edited-9472 edited-9473 edited-9476

Now it’s time to clean up my mess!


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