Sea Turtle Sculpture

This is a 4 ft. long white pine sculpture burned and finished with arbor coat natural oil wood preservative. Here are some pics of the process…

First, I started with a design idea…

 turtle design

The customer supplied the log from a tree that came down in her yard. In fact, this tree has been turned into 4 carvings on her property!edited-8196 edited-8198

Here is Lucian back to work after his trip to Italy! We added on 3 flippers to the carving to give it some movement and expression…edited-8544 edited-8558

Here are the final pics with the details, burning and oil…edited-8580 edited-8581 edited-8582 edited-8583 edited-8584 edited-8585 edited-8587 edited-8588 edited-8590 edited-8591 edited-8592 edited-8594 edited-8596 edited-8597 edited-8598 edited-8600 edited-8601 edited-8602

Click the video below to see more!!

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God bless you richly with His Amazing Spirit!