Elephant Carving

This began as a 6 ft. red oak stump in Newtown Connecticut. It began with a sketch…

elephant sketch004 tree sketch

Then it was time to set up the staging and go at it! During the blocking stage, two pieces were cut off the stump to use as ears. These were glued and doweled in place…

edited-8765  edited-8767



Here it is sanded and burned and ready for the wood preservative…


   edited-8818edited-8815 edited-8810 edited-8809 edited-8806 edited-8803 edited-8802 edited-8795 edited-8791 edited-8788 edited-8783 edited-8782 edited-8776    edited-8818 edited-8821 edited-8822 edited-8824 edited-8825 edited-8828 edited-8830

Two things that are satisfying about this work… 1. Bringing a carving to completion and 2. Seeing the smiles on a happy customer!!edited-8837

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All glory to God our Amazing Creator!