Dimensional Sign – The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery

The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery provided their beautiful logo and we designed how we would break it down into layers…


This sign is made of high density sign foam carved with a CNC machine and carved by hand. This shows the pyramid shield process… First, the CNC cuts out the profile of the shield…


edited-8547 edited-8549

The chainsaw helps with large slanted planes…edited-8550

An angle grinder smooths and forms…


finally, some hand sanding gets it smooth and defines the edges…edited-8553

The sub text is cut out and painted…

edited-8554 edited-8555 edited-8556

The parts are starting to come together…

edited-8840 edited-8841

A template was created and used to create and carve the barley and hops…edited-9130


Now, the painting begins. There are a lot of gradients to create by using the sprayer…



edited-9133    edited-9135 edited-9136 edited-9138 edited-9139 edited-9140 edited-9141

With the pieces all painted, it’s time to assemble and glue.

edited-9146 edited-9147 edited-9148 edited-9149 edited-9150 edited-9153

It’s finished!! (Except for some wire that will stick out of the barley tips)

edited-9160edited-9161 edited-9162 edited-9163 edited-9164 edited-9167


OMB_logo   edited-9160

Dimensional signs have such a dramatic wow factor. They make such a memorable impact on their location. If you have and interest in a dimensional or sculptural sign simply visit http://www.customwoodcarvings.com and click the contact page to get in touch.

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Let us worship the Lord through the work of our hands…