Family of bears going after honey – Wood carved bears for the Farmers Union Oil Company of Velva, ND

This is a fun piece. The customer provided a picture of the front of his log home style building that has a huge exposed log truss. He said he wanted some bears on the truss. This was the design he ended up going with. A momma bear on the ground looking up at 3 cubs climbing up toward a bee hive.


Momma bear required an 8 ft. long 2.5 ft. thick log. Here it is being set up at the studio.

edited-0677 edited-  edited-01-2

Here are some various images of the process making these bears.  edited-01-3 edited-01  edited-0680 edited-0683 edited-0689

There’s a lot of love going on around here!

edited-0693 edited-0696

OK, the bears are done and it’s time to pack them into the trailer and drive them to ND in person!

edited-0725 edited-0733 edited-0736 edited-0753 edited-0769

Staining the bottom with wood preservative…edited-0787

edited-0811  edited-0817

Here are some shots of the 3 cubs. Each one is in a different position.

edited-0792edited-0831 edited-0836

The next group of pictures will show them installed on the truss!

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