Family of Bears Carving Install – Velva, North Dakota

I was chasing this giant, black cloud all through my drive across ND.  When I finally arrived in Velva, within minutes, this nasty black cloud started dropping hard rain and hail.edited-0899 edited-0901

Next morning, the install began. Thankfully they had some heavy equipment to move the carvings.

edited-0902 edited-0903 edited-0909

We used scissor lifts to bolt the cubs to the giant log rafter.

edited-0918 edited-0922 edited-0923 edited-0926 edited-0927 edited-0928 edited-0929 edited-0931 edited-0932 edited-0935

We installed the 3 cubs, the sign and big momma bear and everything fit nicely thankfully! Yeah!!!

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