Family of Bears climbing a tree

This is a 17 ft. tall maple stump carving located in Old Lyme, CT. We threw around a few different ideas for the carving including Native Americans, eagles, bears…

Herb Indian pencil sketch  indian photo sketch1 indian photo sketch2 indian photo sketch3

So, the customer decided on this family of bears idea…

 edited-037 bear family sketchThis tree took all my scaffolding! 17 ft. up! The beach umbrellas helped to provide some welcoming shade. “Just don’t look down! Keep your eyes on the carving!”


It took about 50 hours to complete. It was burned and finished with an oil based wood preservative.

edited-2011  edited-2005

Here is a shot with my clean up helpers, Miciah, Jacob and Michael to give a sense of perspective.


Big Momma is 6 ft. tall…

 edited-2001edited-2010 edited-1991

Then, there is the smiling cub looking out at the road…

edited-2008 edited-1987

And the top cub reaching out for the honey…

  edited-1999  edited-1995    edited-1988    edited-1980

At the base, I thought it would be fun to blend the rock wall into the carving to make it look like the bear is standing on the rock wall.


A little surprise was added to the rocks…

edited-2002  edited-1994



After living with the carving for a while the customer decided he would rather have the piece painted than stained. So, the bear family now has a beautiful makeover!

 I love how the rocks at the base of the carving appear to blend in with the stone wall.


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