Flying Eagle Carving

This customer had an oak stump in their front yard and we decided on a 6 ft. flying eagle in V formation on top of a 2 ft. globe on a 2 ft. base. So the total height was around  10 ft. A fun part about making this carving was that it was located about 10 ft. from a major road.


Here are some shots before the wood preservative oil is applied…edited-1464 edited-1465 edited-1468 edited-1472

Now, some pics with the oil applied…

edited-1474 edited-1475 edited-1476 edited-1477 edited-1478 edited-1479 edited-1480 edited-1481 edited-1484 edited-1485 edited-1488 edited-1489 edited-1490 edited-1492 edited-1493 edited-1494 edited-1495 edited-1496 edited-1498 edited-1499 edited-1500 edited-1501 edited-1502 edited-1503 edited-1504 edited-1505 edited-1506 edited-1507 edited-1509

The tail was added on to add more movement…

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