The Exciting New Addition to Custom Wood Carvings! – The CNC machine!

I am excited to announce the new addition to the sculptural tools in the shop. A 4 x 8 ft. CNC table. A CNC machine is a computerized router that can be programmed to carve anything you design on the computer in all kinds of materials including wood, foam, plastic, metal. This is important for achieving beautiful carved letters, and intricate relief carvings and forms and textures. The creative possibilities are so extensive and the beauty is that it can be done “in house” now. Up to this point, our CNC work has been done by local sign shops, but now we have complete creative control as well as time/ scheduling control.


The capability to create 3D sculptural signs now is unlimited. It’s an exciting new business threshold we are crossing.

The following pictures are of our first sign order created with our own CNC machine!

This customer is a local school in need of signs for each of their 13 dorms. I submitted this design with the option of them being made in either weatherproof material – PVC board or High Density Sign Foam. They went with white PVC board.

Grove School Dorms sketch

So, the next step is bringing this design into the design software that speaks to the CNC. Here is how the layout looked on the sheets of 1″ thick PVC board. They put an order in for 10 signs.

edited-2309 sign layout

Next, the PVC boards were painted with 2 coats of primer and 2-3 coats of paint.

Before the expensive PVC board is put on, a test carving was made in wood to make sure everything looked right.


Once the test sign was accepted, the pvc board was placed on the CNC.


This is a roll of paint mask. This is put in areas to be carved that need to be painted afterward. This allows the painting to go much faster. Then, the mask is peeled off after the letters have been painted.


Let the carving begin!!!

edited-2307  edited-2305  edited-2310edited-2311

After the first sign, it was clear the shopvac wasn’t going to be strong enough to clear the material. So it was time to hook up the power vac dust collection system. Wow, what a difference!


After the signs were carved, the numbers were attached and final touch ups of sanding and painting were done.

edited-2330  edited-2326  edited-2328  edited-2313  edited-2347


Stay tuned for a new site that will be dedicated to 3D Sign design and construction.

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