8 ft. Viking Family Carving

This carving was made from a maple stump over 2 ft. thick and about 10 ft. tall. Located in the back yard of a residence in Marlborough, CT. The customer has a viking heritage and 2 little boys, so we came up with this design…


This would be carved all the way “in the round”. The customer decided he liked the look of relief so the design got changed to this…

new sketch

The face would now pop out of the log in high relief form. We added a viking ship and some water under the boat. Now that the design was set, it was time to get to work!


After around 25 hours of carving, it was ready for some oil…

edited-3133 edited-3134

edited-3139edited-3135  edited-3143

edited-3145edited-3136 edited-3137 edited-3138    edited-3147 edited-3148 edited-3149 edited-3150 edited-3151 edited-3152

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