Maritime Lithographs Super Sale!

With the holidays coming I wanted to share about an opportunity for some really nice gifts at seriously low prices! Our frame shop is liquidating our lithographs at very affordable prices. Here are some samples of the paintings available. If you see a lithograph that you are interested in, simply email us at and we can tell you the sale price. We are trying to down size our inventory so we are seriously lowering the prices. Don’t miss out! Don’t forget, we can have it framed for you too!

Thomas Hoyne

Thomas Hoyne - Off For The Banks (Lithograph)  Thomas Hoyne - Fog Peril (Lithograph)  Thomas Hoyne - First for Home (Lithograph)

Thomas Hoyne - Race of the Elsies (Lithograph)  Thomas Hoyne - Heading Home (Lithograph)  Thomas Hoyne - Running By (Lithograph)

Thomas Hoyne - Widow Maker (Lithograph, not remarqued)

West Fraser

West Fraser - Bringing Home the Catch (Lithograph)  West Fraser - Supper's Cookin' (Lithograph)  West Fraser - Woods Hole (Lithograph)

West Fraser - Annapolis (Lithograph)  West Fraser - Charleston (Lithograph)  West Fraser - Seattle Summer (Lithograph)

West Fraser - Camden Harbor (Lithograph)  West Fraser - San Francisco (Lithograph)  West Fraser - Marblehead (Lithograph)

Robert Sticker

Robert Sticker - Pittsburgh in the Seventies (Lithograph)  Robert Sticker - On the Levee (Lithograph)  Robert Sticker - St. Louis (Lithograph)

Robert Sticker - Far West (Lithograph)  Robert Sticker - The Packet (Lithograph)

Raymond Massey

Raymond Massey - Challenge (Lithograph)  Raymond Massey - Empress of China (Lithograph)

Lorreta Krupinski

Loretta Krupinski - Monhegan Light (Lithograph)  Loretta Krupinski - Monhegan Harbor (Lithograph)

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If you are looking for memorable gifts and serious discounts for the holidays, get in touch with us today!

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