New Sign for New Shop

A sculptural sign for our new shop!

Custom Sculpture & Sign Co.

Last October, we moved into a new shop space in a local industrial park. I am very happy with the new shop location and the new space. It’s working quite well for now. The following shots show the process of making the new shop sign that will hang over the entrance.

cub sign

Next, I used the CNC to carve out some shapes and letters.


Next, a second layer was added to create the profile of the cub. The material is a weatherproof, high density sign foam. Gorilla glue is used to attach the foam to itself.


Next, the hand carving was done with an angle grinder with a sanding disc. A dremel was used to create the finer details of the wood texture and the face. An arbortec mini grinder was used to create the fur texture.

Next, a french cleat was embedded in the back for easy hanging.


Now, it’s time…

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