Have you tried Epoxy Clay on your carvings?

Epoxy clay is a 2 part epoxy that is a wonderful filler in large cracks or defects in the wood, or for times when you are on location and need an emergency fix. The clay is used in taxidermy and in other art fields. The clay I’ve been using is called “Magic Sculpt” and it gives you a 2 – 3 hour working time before it starts to harden. Once it hardens, it’s rock hard, but can still be sanded and grinded.


Here are some sculptures that were made using epoxy clay.

Click this link to see more pics of mad hatter – More pics of mad hatter

Click here to see more pics of portrait bust – Custom Portrait Bust from pictures

Here is a recent carving that had some soft spots on the arm and shoulder. So it was a perfect circumstance for epoxy clay.


With a little epoxy clay and water and a screwdriver, the clay is easily textured and formed to blend in with the rest of the fur texture. Yes, that’s right, you use water to smooth out the clay.


Then, this will be painted to blend in with the rest of he wood.

Try it out! I think you’ll be very satisfied with it’s results. Click this link below to check it out on Amazon.com.

Magic Sculpt 5 Lb. Epoxy Clay – Natural

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